Air Jordan

Air Jordan 23 Engineered MA-1 Bomber Jacket- Black

$ 180 $ 250

Bring in a sense of panache to your daily outfit, with the addition of this classic piece of Air Jordan 23 Engineered MA-1 Bomber Jacket. Designed to redefine your total outerwear, this specific piece of Bomber Jacket comes with more than one reason for you to choose it.

With its deep murky black mesh texture, the jacket is already stunning to look at. The wrist-ends, ribbed neck collar and the bottom end of the MA-1 are hemmed by soft cotton finish, to ensure breathability and long-term comfort. The full zip closure alongside two sizable pockets further enhances its versatility. Truly an amazing piece of modern luxury, this is a premium choice for all black lovers and Bomber Jacket lovers out there

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